Business English

Business English

This course will give participants an overview of the key skills they need to master in order to succeed in an English working environment and do business in English. Participants will learn of the 3 ways of communicating in English:
On the phone, face to face and through email.
The classes are very practical and will train students to use the skills taught.

Lessons and Workshops

Presentation skills

Understanding the different types of presentations.


Relax, we can help you!

Using the phone

Conference calls, pronunciation, understanding others, etc.


Communicate clearly

Email Writing

Email writing overview, greetings and salutations, replies, inquiries and requests, invitations, etc.


Write correctly


Meeting sentences, Western communication style, etc.


Be prepared

Business Socializing

Learn politeness, cultural differences, dinning etiquette, etc.


Impress your client

Avoiding Chinese English

Cost down, go aboard, join a class. ALL WRONG!


Speak like a foreigner and be understood