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Angela: TOEFL 109

Hello, my name is Angela, I got 98 on my TOEFL test on 23 Jan, 2010. I started my class with Steven at Whygo about four month ago and I came here about twice a week.
I think I really learned a lot from Steven who is a wonderful teacher. He pointed out my bad writing habits after reading only one or maybe two of my writing and then we worked together to get rid of these bad writing habits.

After plenty of practices, my writing skill progressed so much and allowed me to score 25 in my TOEFL test.

It felt like a dream comes true, a grade that I can't ever believe that I've got it, and I attribute this high score to Steven's teaching.

Also, he uses a creative way to help me improve my speaking skill. We always do a lot of interesting practice which not only push me to think and speak English at the same time without hesitation but also help me defeat the fear toward speaking section in TOEFL test. Because of his teaching, I enjoyed my class over there, sometimes I even felt like becoming a foreigner at Whygo. After practicing speaking English with Steven for four month, I got 23 on my speaking section on TOEFL test.

Steven is a wonderful teacher that teaches you English and amazing test skills, he is the person you are looking for if you want to boost your test grades, come and have classes with him, you will have a great harvest like I did.(備註:成效因人而異,不保證有效)




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